Trailer Sound Design:

From Source To Cinema

Everything you need to start recording, processing and licensing custom Hollywood Trailer sound effects from your bedroom. 

 6 + Hours   I   Monthly Source Audio   I    Free Sample Pack

Author: Karel Psota

From Source To Cinema is the ultimate beginning sound designer's guide to recording, processing and licensing sound design for Hollywood trailers. 

You'll be taken through all the basics of crafting and recording powerful source sounds, how to process them into earth-shattering sounds using plugins and tools, before you learn how to get started licensing and selling your sounds to the industry.

We'll guide you all the way as you venture into the realm of trailer sound design. You will be amazed at the sounds you will create - all from scratch.

Craft custom sound design like a pro.

From raw audio source to the big screen.

How To Find & Record Your Own Organic Source Sounds

My Very Best Plug-In Recommendations And Workflows

How To Manipulate, Process and Twist Your Sounds To Oblivion

How I Created The AVA: Instinct Sound Design Library, with Video Walkthroughs

Synthesizing Your Own Trailer SFX With Serum

In-Depth Guide To Mixing And Mastering Sound Design

Licensing Your Sounds To Trailer Houses, And Selling Your Own Commercial Sound Design Libraries

Here's just a few of the things you'll learn

What You Get In The Course


  • 6 Hours+ of video lectures
  • Exclusive sample pack
  • Trailer Track Stems
  • Monthly Source Audio
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Instant delivery and lifetime access

Craft fresh source audio

Learn how to record and synthesize your own sounds from scratch, anywhere. 

Get a fresh batch of top quality source material to work with, delivered every month.

Monthly source sounds

Process and Twist

Learn how to use plugins to manipulate and process audio into walls of sound.

Watch over the shoulder as we break down the sounds and structure of a full trailer track.

Full Trailer Breakdown

Discover different ways of how to publish and make money from the sounds you've created.

Get an exclusive sample pack and the samples used to create the acclaimed AVA Instinct library.

Exclusive Samples

License and Monetize

" Karél made the whole custom sound design processes very easy to follow, and helps understand every single thing that you need to know, from basic to super complex custom sound designs. Best part, I've never thought we could actually sample things around us. A door knob, you could turn that into an amazing elegant licenseable sounding hit!

This was actually my first ever sound I made out of a random plastic I found on the floor 😂"

Sham Stalin


Preview A Lecture

Take a look inside and see for yourself.

Breaking down the track

Course Modules


Recording - Capturing Organic Sounds

One of the things I highly advocate is recording your own samples. I will teach you which type of sound sources work for what, how to approach recording them, what to think about, and more. And if you don't have a Zoom-recorder, you can use your iPhone! We're capturing rare Pokémo... eh Organic Sounds here, folks!

You will also receive all the samples I recorded for this course and see how I recorded them, such as my grandma's crystal glass and juicy door slams to make huge Impacts, atmospheric Drones, and so on.


Plugins: Basic and Advanced Processing

Jumping straight into getting you up-to-speed on the basics of audio processing, such as EQ, Reverb, Delay and Compression, all highly important for processing sound design elements.I will also, throughout the course, give you my own personal recommendations of the very best plug-ins and techniques for processors that I use on a daily basis.

Processing is one of the most important aspect in the creation of sound design elements, so I will teach you more advanced processing techniques and workflows for sound design that build on the previous section to really let you twist and manipulate the sound your way - on a professional level.


Processing - Level Up Your Raw Recordings

You will learn how I take the recorded sounds from the previous chapter, and start processing and twisting them to something completely different and Hollywood-worthy. We will create Impacts, Drones, Whooshes, Alarms, and more.

This is where the magic happens. It's also the stage that separates the men from the boys. 


Synthesis - Creating Digital Sounds

Another big way to achieve thrilling and huge sounds is by synthesizing them.

You will learn the different types of synthesis, how to use synthesizers such as Serum to synthesize your own sounds and create Trailer Percussion, Whooshes, Downers, Kicks and Snares, and so on. Unlock the awesome power of digital sound creation.

By the end of this module you'll be confident in using synthesizers to create kickass trailer sound effects. 


Trailer SFX - Breakdown

In this chapter I will be showing you how I planned, created and designed the sounds for my successful and highly sought-after trailer SFX library AVA: INSTINCT that can be heard across the industry right now.

You'll get a first-hand, in-depth walkthrough of how I created sounds like Braams, Whoosh-hits, Risers, and more.


Licensing - How To Get Your Sounds Out There

After you know how to plan, record, process and manipulate your own amazing sound effects, it's only proper for you to know how to actually getting them out there in the world, based on my own experience and success.

Whether it's through licensing them to trailer houses, or if it's creating your own library to sell to other composers and sound designers - I will show you how.


Full Trailer Cue Breakdown

For the final part of the course, we will look at how to create a sound design trailer cue with our self-created Trailer FX - something that could be heard in the big cinemas.

Bonus Chapter! I have included a bonus chapter where you will know my favorite resources, such as articles, links to free plug-ins and sample packs, inspiring videos on famous sound designers, and more.

Shay Sharon Heim

Composer, Self-employed

"I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in starting out in sound design.

Karel managed to de-mystify sound design for me and provided a road map to producing my own unique creations in an interesting and informative way."

Andrew Skipper

Composer, Gothic Storm

Frank Romeo

Composer & Owner, Jackdaw Factory

Nicolas Felix

Trailer composer, Chroma Music

What Our Students Say

"I’ve always been interested in sound design, but didn’t know where to start. Enrolling in the Trailer Sound Design course taught by well-known Karel Psota was real eye-opening.

Well-structured, interactive and original, this course will step-by-step help you unleash your creativity."

"Before this course, I mostly used pre-made sounds in my compositions and I felt like I needed to push my music to the next level by designing my own sounds in order to be much more original.

This course was exactly what I was looking for. Easy to understand, a lot of techniques and insights.

I couldn't be more happy!"

"This course is the best source of education that exists out there in the sound design genre.

It make me think about sound and sound design in general at a whole new level."

Meet your instructor

Karél is a Sound Designer, Producer and Mixer. His sounds were used in theatrical trailers like Justice League, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Fantastic Beasts and more. He also produced the AVA – INSTINCT Trailer Sound Effects Library.

Karel moved from France to LA to study orchestral score mixing under Brad Haehnel. They worked on Life of Pi and The LEGO Movie together. After that, Karel founded his own publishing company, Dissona Musika, and went freelance into the world of trailers.

On the side, Karel loves to help out other composers by providing cool sounds. He designed synths for Inon Zur on Fallout 4, and most recently worked with Thomas Roussel on “Prequell”.

Shared Online 

Student Library

Students will get the option of uploading and sharing their source audio recordings and finished sound design in a shared student folder.

That way, you can all learn from each other, use each other's source material, use fellow student's sound design in your freshest trailer tracks, and grow as sound designers together. With a shared student-exclusive library right at your fingertips to spark inspiration anytime, anywhere. 

We believe that not having access to high quality recording equipment shouldn't get in the way of learning the art of sound design. Therefore, we'll supply a pack of fresh, high quality royalty free source recordings for all our students.

From old Scandinavian farms and forests, to junkyards, old cars and live instruments - we'll travel around and catch the sounds you need to take your sound design to a new level.

Additional Bonuses

Monthly source audio packs.

The Evenant Satisfaction Guarantee

We don't want any unhappy students.  If we didn't meet your expectations, get in touch within 30 days of purchase, and we'll give you every penny back - no questions asked. We'll even let you go through the entire course and apply all the techniques and tips and still give you the money back. But we know you won't do that, cause you're cool. 

But we're so confident you're gonna dig the course, we're willing to take that risk. If you're for some reason unhappy, get in touch within 30 days and we'll issue you a refund and even let you keep the bonuses. So, see you on the inside?

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